Formal Learning

Week 4 Discussion

Discussion 1 – Big Data-driven DSS for CEM

Based on your reading of Chapter 9 of the text including the “Unit Three Opening Case” entitled Second Life: Succeeding in Virtual Times, using DSS concepts explain how Wikipedia can deploy Cloud-based DSS to gain business intelligence. Be sure to incorporate your personal experience and any learning regarding the Customer Experience Management lifecycle.

Having a decision support systems (DSS) provides a business with the ability to evaluate data from internal and external sources and allows managers to choose a course of action. What-if analysis, sensitivity analysis, goal seeking analysis, and optimization analysis are different technics of DSS analysis.  (Baltzan, 2015).  In the past a business was on its own in the cloud world to find, track and monitor data in order to turn it into useable analytics. Companies that had the resources gather and use the data created a competitive advantage for themselves.  “Unit Three Opening Case” shows how companies like Actionly have leveled the playing field by providing a service to collect data for you. Actionly tracks all social media sites and websites to collect data and sorts the data. Once the data is sorted it allows customers to view it via a dashboard. Actionly provide real time data that business can use to gain BI. The ability for the information to be on the cloud allows for managers to metrics to people with in the company to fast. For example if a manager see that a certain geographic area is lacking in projected sales for the month, the manager can send the local sales person the metrics and a list of promotions they can offer for that area to get the sales needed. Overtime the Actionly system can uses data analytics to help a manager find the promotion that generates the most value for that specific location. Companies that are looking to stay competitive and grow their brand need systems like the one offered by Actionly to help provided valuable data to make better decisions.

Baltzan, P. (2015). Business Driven Technology. New York, NY: McGraw-Hill Education



Discussion 2 – Cloud-enabled CEM Architecture

Actionly provides a service that can change a company’s business strategy allowing them to be more customer driven. The information gathered by Actionly can help a company run more efficiently, by making faster and data driven decisions. A business can use Actionly to help create a customer experience management strategy that fits a specific industry and customer base. SCM system using a cloud based system can focus on demand planning. I have learned from personal experience if demand is not loaded correctly the bad data will flow down the supply chain. As a buyer I have had bad information enter, resulting in me ordering the wrong part, and production not having parts to build. This can cause delays in customer deliverables which can lead loss in revenue.


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