Formal Learning

Week 6 Discussion

Discussion – Social Business Agility

Based on your reading of Chapters 17, 18, 19, & 20 of the text including the “Unit Five Closing Case One” entitled Twitter, discuss how this social network can be used to improve the C-Commerce processes for tracking project status of a Cloud-based collaborative marketing campaign. Be sure to incorporate your personal experience and any learning regarding the Customer Experience Management lifecycle.

Social networking sites allow consumers to connect directly to businesses. Customers can provide positive and negative feedback to business while the customer is sharing their thoughts with their “network”. Once is a post is shared online, it can be reposted by anyone who reads the post. This can be both great and horrible for a business. The upside is a business can get continuous feedback on what customers are thinking, which can allow business to make faster decisions for adjustments. It also can generate good PR. On the downside business can be on constant damage patrol with quickly addressing negative PR, I tend to believe bad news or feedback will spread 100x faster than good news. This means business need to be ready to address negative posts before its spreads like a wild fire.

C-Commerces are using social media sites to help them track their marketing campaign. Many business now invest in cloud based Campaign Management Software. Many software packages let business send out drip emails and landing pages with the ability to track the success of them and the ROI. From my personal experience I can like to follow businesses on social media so I can see what type of deals they are offering.


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