Informal Learning

Annual Family Vacation

Every year my family and I take a week long vacation to a new place. Last year was Disney World, which was a lot of fun and tons of walking. This year we are going to New York for Thanksgiving.  We will be a little bit out of our element because we are from Southern Californian and it will be freezing cold but it should be fun.

Part of the tradition of our family vacation is that my daughter and wife tell me everything they want to do, see and eat, then I find a way to try to fit it all in 1 week. When going to new places and spending a good amount of money I wan to make sure we have some type a game plan to make sure everyone get to see,do, or eat something they wanted to. It also eliminates  wasted time trying to find out what to do when we get their.

The following series of post will be the different researching i have done in order to prepare for our upcoming trip.



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